Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Second Art-Felt Greeting for the Holidays


I just downloaded some photos of my Christmas decorations to email to a dear friend, so I thought I'd also share them with you, so here they are:

This wreath was made by a former neighbor. I just painted on some glitter glue this year to liven it up.
Fiber optic village. I add my mini ornaments to it, like the black car, the horse-drawn carriage, the wreath, the snowman, and the Santa Claus.
 I change this arrangement several times a year according to the season we're in.
 Our little fiber optic tree with mini ornaments, and other decorations in the area.
 A little fiber optic snowman
 In my kitchen/art studio--blue ornaments because the color scheme is blue and yellow.
 A round place mat made from beads (not by me) and a centerpiece that I made from a gold garland stuffed into a vase and ornaments for AC Moore, on the same table on which I create my art. This table gets used for many things, like dinner for small gatherings, etc.

I wish all of you a very Happy 2013. May you be healthy and prosperous!

Thanks so much for visiting!

Hugs ... Deb

Friday, December 21, 2012

An Art-felt Greeting for the Holidays

Howdy everyone. I hope you are happily getting ready for Christmas and the upcoming New Year. I am almost there!

I've been trying to find some photos that I took at my friend's house last year. She really does it up BIG for Christmas. She even carries the holidays into the new year by having her annual ladies party in early January. It's really fun and there's so much food and drink! Let's see--maybe I'll be able to find those photos now that I'm writing on my blog ...

I gave her the gingerbread boy on the right.

Gorgeous two-tone pointsettia.

Girl and boy snow figures with their pet.

I finally found some of them. Some of the others are lost (at least for now) in cyber-lalaland.

Here's a piece of art that I finished recently. I call it "Fantasy Fall Trees." I've been doing a lot of other art lately, mostly zentangles, but have no photos as yet.

Have a great holiday season--Artfully yours,

P.S.  Here's a comment I left for myself but got posted twice so I deleted it:
Hi Deb! I just don't understand why no one else has been commenting on your blog posts. Do you think it's because your blog might be a bit boring?
Do you think it's because people are just to busy to comment, or they don't have anything to say?
Maybe some viewers could give you some advice on making your blog better for them so they might want to comment and otherwise participate.
You could also offer something more than just your words, photos, and art ... think about that.
Your friend,