Friday, August 30, 2013

Abstract Canvas and Can Man

Hi everybody,

Just a quickie to show you my latest canvas.

I previously created something on this canvas, but I never liked it, so I took it apart, covered it with gesso, and created something new. I just call it Abstract on Canvas.

I learned a neat trick from a dear friend. You rub your canvas with a white candle to give it an interesting look. But I took it a step further: I blew the wax with a hair dryer and melted it so it covered the entire surface. Then, as I learned from a YouTube video, I polished it with a soft cloth so it has a nice shine.
Also, below is the Tin Can Man. My friend has it in her cabin in Nova Scotia and she sent me a photo of it. It was made entirely from cans and bottle caps. Good idea, no?
That's all I have for now ... see you again soon!