Saturday, October 19, 2013

Photography Fun

Hi again ... it's me!

This post is mostly about photography. Did you know that even if you might not be able to afford Photoshop, you can use Microsoft Paint to "photoshop" your photos, create art, and do other cool things?

I recently took a photo of myself for a friend. She needed it for a school project since I'm the historical subject of the project. I used one of my computer programs to soften the look of the photo (Windows 8 comes with a good photo program for such things), but it looked like something was in my nose! Ugh.

So ... I opened the photo in Windows Paint and did a "photoshop" on the inside of the nostril. I know I need a lot more practice, but here's how it turned out:

You'll see in the left nostril that there's some grayish shading. That was from using Paint. Believe me ... it looks a lot better than it did originally. By the way, I'm not very photogenic, but this was the best photo I could take after about 30 tries! Also, I have trouble smiling for the camera!
On another note ... here's a nice photo that I took of a sunflower at a local garden show. There's really nothing that I would want to change, though.
On a final note ... I have a neighbor/friend who is a professional photographer. He took this photo of my ring for the project I mentioned above (a gift from my grandmother a very long time ago):
Ray can take any type of photo, and he does events like weddings. Here's his information if you want a great photographer:
Raymond Clarke, Photographer
Creative Personal Art
Custom Portraiture
Ultra Premium Finishes
Strictly by Appointment
Phone: 215-514-8498
It's been very nice chatting with you. I'll be back before too long!