Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Mixed Media Art ... and Odds & Ends

It's me again. I don't have any new art photographed yet, so I can't do a recent post of my art.

I just wanted to say hello and possibly post some older photos ... and maybe reveal a little more about my life. It isn't easy to do that because I'm a pretty private person. But let me see ...

This beautiful marble-topped table serves as the surface for doing art in my kitchen. I simply keep it covered with a vinyl tablecloth and it works out well.

This is me blowing out my candles on my birthday a few years ago. My wonderful friends/neighbors brought over this delicious cake.

This is my husband relaxing on my daughter's couch. He's a cutie, at least to me!

I collect copper wall art and this rooster is one of my favorites.

My grandson, Evan Aidan, painted this when he was about 8 or 9. He is now 13 and just had  his Bar Mitzvah.

Me with my friends' new little girl.

I thought that if my viewers get to know me a little better, I might actually hear from some of them. I invite you to comment any time or every time!

Your friends in artliness,