Saturday, September 29, 2012

Embellishments of all Kinds in Your Mixed Media Art

Mixed media artists use all kinds of embellishments to create art. The following butterfly was originally created on a piece of cardboard that I cut out, covered with tacky glue, and then sprinkled with varying colors of beads. Much later, I glued it onto a canvas board with tacky glue. Then I decided that the butterfly needed better wings, so I pencil sketched the bluish-parts, put down tacky glue, and sprinkled the wings with a blue bead mix. After some drying time, I just tap off the excess beads onto the towel that I do my beading work on and then put them in a container of mixed colored beads. I use the mixed colored beads for other projects.

I followed a similar process for the rooster, although I sponged on gold metallic paint for the background. I found that my rooster was off-center, so I added the beaded diamond shapes to balance it out. I gave this as a Christmas gift to my mother a couple of years ago. That's a great thing about making your own art pieces ... you can give them as gifts to appreciative loved ones!

These next two pieces have these types of embellishments: my own photography, stickers, pieces of art that I cut out from my own designs or doodles, pieces of stained glass, a piece of broken mirror. I love to do mosaics using stained glass, sea glass, and broken mirror pieces. I named the first piece below "Spiritual Garden" and the second piece below is just a mosaic that I gave to my sister as a house gift. On second thought ... I think I should have added more stained glass pieces so there wouldn't be so much white background.

What types of embellishments do you use on your art? I'd like to hear your suggestions.

All the best for now ...