Thursday, October 4, 2012

Preparing for a New Mixed Media Piece

Today, I decided to work on a new mixed media piece. I'm going to title it "Almost Black and White" and you will see why.

I found this board and decided it would be good to use for a piece of art. So I brushed it entirely with white gesso.

Then I got a group of design elements together. I plan on using all or most of them on this piece. Most of them are stamped pieces, the silhouette is hand drawn and painted with a Sharpie black paint marker, and one piece was done on the computer,

When I am ready to lay out my design, I will glue these elements onto the board with tacky glue. I generally brush the glue on because you get better coverage that way. It's also best to work on a craft mat like the one above. These mats clean up very quickly and easy.

You can buy tacky glue very inexpensively at AC Moore and other stores that sell art and craft supplies.

I haven't decided on the layout yet, but I will soon--and then I'll put it on my next post!

I wish at least one of my viewers would let me know what they do to prepare and create their art works.
I hate to beg, but PLEASE????