Saturday, October 6, 2012

Finished Mixed Media Art - Continued from October 4th

Well, on October 4th I showed how I prepped for the finished piece of art below. It's different from what I usually do because there is little or no color. I like it, though. I call it "Almost Black and White."

I decided to add some masking tape embellishments on each side. You just tape one end on and then twist it as you go down the board, taping it down at the other end. Then I brushed heavy gesso over the tape to stiffen it. After that part dried, I applied Mod Podge with a brush to seal the piece. I hope you like it.

The silhouette of the woman reminds me of someone standing in front of a huge work of art in a gallery.

To change the subject ... on Nathalie Kalbach's ( blog today, which I subscribe to, she features a wonderful video that is very uplifting and is worth listening to and sharing with others. It is all about having a positive outlook on the many awesome things we all experience in life (hopefully). Here's the link:

That's all for now ...