Friday, October 19, 2012

Mixed Media Art--The Challenge Part 2

I forgot to post one of the challenge pieces that I did, plus I made a mistake describing one of them that I posted a few minutes ago, so this is a correction.

This challenge was to use only 5 things to make your art. Yes, I did use a photo from the JC Penney circular that comes every week, although I changed  it to black and white.

I was wrong about this challenge--we were asked to  use stamps, so I used three bird stamps.

In this challenge, we were asked to use embossing powder. That was something new to me. I glued this into my large art journal.

Hope I didn't bore you too much!
If you have any art that you'd like to show me, please respond and let me know where to look for it. It would be my pleasure!

Your friend in artliness,