Monday, August 27, 2012

Art Experiment in Progress

Although, isn't most art an experiment?

We start something with no idea of how it will turn out. Sometimes we're pleasantly surprised and other times not so sure if we like the finished piece.

Anyway, yesterday I started a piece and it looks like this:
I did it using a large brush from Dollar Tree and rinsing it out between colors. Then I raked a plastic fork through it and added some fingerprint impressions with the colors that go mushed together. Also, the gesso wasn't dry when I started painting. I just wanted to see how it would work and I like the results.

 And, instead of wasting the paint left on the brush, I used it in my big art journal as follows:
It's fun just slopping around willy-nilly with leftover paint on brushes.

I have no idea what my final piece will look like, but I'll send it in stages to show its metamorphosis.

Enjoy your art experiments!

Til next time ...