Sunday, August 19, 2012


Happy Sunday!

Collage is one of my favorite forms of art. You can do it in your art journal, like this:

Or, you can do a collage on a board, cardboard, canvas, or whatever you choose, like this:
Collages are fun because you can use so many items to create them: paper, ephemera, stamped items, pictures from magazines, cloth pieces, glass, broken mirror pieces, metal findings, paint, ink ... the list goes on and on. I usually get my canvases on sale or at any store that is selling them cheaply. I dumpster dive for boards or buy them from thrift shops. You can apply gesso on your  board before you do anything else, to cover up what might be on it. It's also a good idea to seal the finished collage with a medium like Mod Podge. I generally use Plaid(R) Gloss-Lustre Mod Podge.

What I do is make my own designs and cut them out for use in my collages. Sometimes I spend a couple  of hours going through my designs and cutting out the pieces that I know I'll want to use in a collage or on a greeting card that I make. I store them in large envelopes labeled with what  is in them. It's fun, and it helps you to clear out your stash of papers while making room for others in the near future.

I also have envelopes with pictures, stickers, doilies, ephemera, and other items that I like to use in collages--labeled accordingly.

All the best to you ... for now.