Friday, August 31, 2012

Dyed Paper Revisited

There's another way to marble paper, which I learned on My art buddy, Namrata, and I tried it a long time ago and had fun with its results.

Then, just this week, I decided to try it again but get better results. It really worked out well. My four marbled papers are below. Then, below that, I'll explain how to do it.

Dying/Marbling Paper Using Shaving Cream

Put down your craft mat or a place mat.
Have an extra mat handy on your surface.
Spray regular shaving cream on the mat in the shape of your paper.
Spread the shaving cream out evenly.
Drop your alcohol ink colors in different spots on the shaving cream.
Take a plastic fork or other similar tool and create your design in the shaving cream.
Lay your paper over the shaving cream and carefully smooth out to absorb the colors.
Then place your paper on the other mat and scrape off the shaving cream with an old credit card.
As you scrape off the shaving cream, drop it back on the first mat for re-use.
Smooth the shaving cream out and dye another paper the same way.

I made these four designs using just one application of the shaving cream! I was very excited about the results, especially the very first one above.

I hope someone will respond and let me know how they made out with this technique.

Bye for now.