Friday, August 24, 2012

Back again ... with photos of more art!

Sorry I missed blogging yesterday. It was very busy for me, with taking the train into Philadelphia, having the interview and then coming home on the train. I was bushed!

I'm going to try to post some interesting photos of art that I created, and maybe some other photos. I'll be working on some pieces this weekend, which should make my blog more interesting the next time.
Our colorful patio with painted foot rests

Above, patio again; to the left, a chair that the little girls (neighbors) and I painted.

A collage made up of designs that I cut out and glued on, plus other little items that you can see if you enlarge the photo. It's called "Art has no rules." This is what I meant by cutting out your designs and using them later on a piece of art.

Sea Fairy: Step 1

Sea Fairy: Step 2

Sea Fairy: Step 3

Sea Fairy: Finished Piece

The Sea Fairy piece was supposed to start with just circles and then turn into something completely different. You can still see the circles on the finished piece, lurking below the surface.

Finally, the photo above is of my two little art buddies (3 and 10 years old) working at my kitchen table. It's fun doing art with children!

Well, Dave is coming home from work soon and I'll have to get dinner on. Bye for now!